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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dang IT!!!!!!

Now some one I know is rather naughty, no heads up, just sneaks things in under my radar, checking that I am keeping an eye on what she does! I wouldn't mind, but I always find these things embarrassing  And she knows it, don't you Linda, of Linda's Crafty Piece of Heaven? Stop sniggering woman!! I can hear you from here!!
Here I sit innocently trolling through the posts of all the blogs I follow, seeing what people have been up to, and come across her being given an award. Curiosity piqued I trot off to her fab Blog, for a nosey at what she's done now, and am enjoying myself, learning some old facts about her, yes Linda I knew those ones! And then right at the end is the Kicker!!!

Dont get me wrong, Linda is a fab mate, and a wonderfully generously hearted lady, and that's not confined to blog land, she really is that sickly sweet wonderful person in real life, who makes you wish you were that generous yourself! But you know that you fail miserably next to her. Wonder how pink she is now? How much redder can I make her? Dont let the accent fool you! She may have a Scouse Accent, but she has the heart of  Mrs Claus, a wonderfully warm and giving person, who deserves every good thing that comes her way, and boy are good things happening to her!! And she deserves every molecule of recognition that people now, and in the future will bestow upon her..............Maroon possibly? Only her hubby will know, lol,
So this is what she did to me!!!
Rules for this one.......

  1. I am to publicly thank the people who gave them to me. Think I covered that one rather nicely, or do you want me to write more soppy stuff about you Linda? (Cow Bag!)
  2. I am to share some information about myself, see the next section!
  3. I am to nominate some of my favorite blogs At the bottom
  4. I am to comment on their blogs to let them know I’ve awarded them. Will run off and do that as soon as I've finished here!

Rules for this one:
Answer the following Questions:

  • Favorite color:  Is and always has been Purple
  • Favorite animal: Sea Horse
  • Favorite number: 13, always lucky for me
  • Favorite drink: Coffee, give me Coffee!!
  • Facebook or Twitter:  Facebook
  • Good book or good movie: Read the book first then watch the movie! If there's a book about the film, I read the book first 
  • Giving or getting gifts: I'm not going to lie: BOTH!
  • My passion:  enjoyment! either creating enjoyment, or being the recipient of it!
  • Favorite day:  Sunday
  • Favorite flower:  Lavender

So Now who to pass these on to? Now this is hard, mainly because I know some very talented individuals, who are wonderful human beings, who don't have blogs, and I wish they did, so here's a list of their names, Jeanette, Daffodil, Smoffi.
That doesn't mean that there aren't multitudes of people out there who do deserve these awards, so my nominations finally are:

And finally my last nomination is for a couple who run a blog, they always inspire me, and make me laugh, so my final nomination goes to The Gopher and The Boss, over st Sheena's blog!

Right hope she reads this and goes red with embarrassment!





Samantha Elliott said...

Well done you....you deserve it! Some of your likes are the same as mine too!!

Linda said...

Hehehe talk about being red I am beetroot after reading this. Thank you for your lovely comments and wait until I next see you!!!!!!!!!!

Linda aka cowbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!