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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bloggerversary Winner

Well, I'm running behind schedule, as new Babys family are "Mum, Can you..............?" "Nanny, look!"
They're driving me NUTS!!
So today was no exception, here's me thinking, yes I can finally get a move on, and then remember that todays the day to go collect the new car, 2 weeks late, then of course daughter phones up"Mum, Can you.......?" and Grandson is "Nanny car? my seat? Boo-hoo!", son and his friend want running into Manchester and then picking up again, was late picking youngest up from school, then have to show hubby all the new things in the new car........................Think you get the picture!! So just sat down at the pc finally!!
So first off, ask Mr Random, okay sons friend, no relation, to randomly choose a number between 1 and 32 including 1 and 32, and he picks number 7!
Congratulations Pearl!
Can you email me your full name and address please hun, and I'll get it all of in the post to you, xxx
Right I really have to go sort out this craft room, and get some tv stuff done, and posted by friday so need to get a shift on, xxx


Rosalee said...


Linda said...

Congratulations to Pearl. Take deep breaths Lou. I will ring you sometime tomorrow.

Linda xxx

Linny said...

Congratulations Pearl. Put the kettle on Lou, I think you need to get yoour feet up hugs linda G

Lexie said...

Congratulations Pearl...I'm not jealous...much! Lol. Have a fab time playing with all your new toys.

And Lou...I'll put the kettle on...

Droxie said...

Congratulations Pearl, enjoy.

Sending big hugs Lou
Andrea xx

ellyscard creatief said...

Is the candy of 16 okt claimed by the winner?
Than I can removed from my sidebar.
I can not find it on your blog.
Thanks for answering.
Gr, Elly