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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

My MP has shown interest in Printers! Why?

I have a printer, well its number 7 of the same model, so when it decided to break again over New year, I was somewhat fed up.
One thing that annoys me is the fact that if I use a compatible brand of printer cratridge then I i8mmediatly invalidate my Warranty on my printer, so being in a bad mood with my printer I emailed my MP via Write to them, a government email system for all MP's.
This is what I wrote:
I write with regard to printer manufacturers .
Please can you explain to me how the government has not tackled this problem before?
In America it is Illegal to void a warranty or repair if you have used ink cartridges not made by the Printer manufacturer. Yet in the UK, if we use another brand of Ink cartridge, as in NOT made by the Printer manufacturer, eg, Hewlett Packard, Epson, Canon, Brother, etc, which cost on average £12.00 for 6 milliliters of ink per cartridge, the printer manufacturer can VOID the warranty of a printer?
In this era where re-use and recycle is encouraged by all Government parties, can you please explain to me why we are filling dumps with printers where its cheaper to buy a new printer instead of a set of ink Cartridges? Where a re-useable system of controlled ink-flow is allowed to VOID a Warranty, by reducing the need for buying ink cartridges which in turn are then tossed in the bin.
In the current economic Climate pennies are tight, yet all government and local government departments prefer you to print out forms at home, to cut YOUR costs, yet put the additional burden of paying in the region of £40.00 to the client in order to print out a letter to send to you?
After a couple of months of not using the printer, as you dont want to use up the ink incase you have to print out yet another form, you need to print out another form.............only to discover that the ink has dried in the cartridge through lack of use, or even worse, dried in the printer head. The only thing to do then is...............go out and buy another printer!!!! Its cheaper in a lot of cases to buy a new printer than to replace the Ink Cartridges, and definitely cheaper than replacing the print head.
In my situation the Ink cartridges cost: £41.09, the printer costs £89.00, and the print Head is £149.99. For my printer I could buy a CIS System, a Continuous Ink System (Controlled Ink Flow) for £40, and 400 milliliters of ink for £12.00. Most standard cartridges contain 4-6 Milliliters of ink, and they charge @£12.00 per cartridge.
In most cases the printer is in the region of £30, and the cartridges cost in the region of £40, from most Supermarkets.
With a view to re-cycling, and re-using can you please explain to me why NO government has tackled this issue, which is Illegal in America, and what the government can and will do about this?
How on earth have the printer manufacturers been allowed to decide to Void a warranty if you use some one elses ink? Its like buying a toaster from Sainsburys, but only being allowed to toast Sainsburys bread in it! or Buying a Ford and only being allowed to refuel at a Ford garage! Or being forced to buy paper and envelopes from the Post Office, so that you can send a letter!
Common Sense dictates that this is a ridiculous situation, and I would like you to rectify this nonsensical impasse as soon as possible, especially with regard to re-use of ink cartridges and CIS systems.
Yours sincerely,

Today I recieved a reply from my MP, (Which brings me to another rant, as all my post had been opened and read, then stuck through my letter box!) heres his response:
Thank you for your recent email about warranties on Commercial Printers.
I have to admit I am quite astonished by some of the points you have made here. As a former Environment Minister, the potential environmental effects of this policy alone are very troubling.
I have written to the government Minister who has political responsibility for business competitiveness on your behalf, and asked him for comments about this.
I will be in touch with you when I receive a response, 

So any one want to write to their MP? lol, as my MP normally sends long detailed reasons why something is done or not done, this letter is out of the ordinary for him, in its honesty, personal opinion, and brevity! And I didnt know he was the former Environment Minister either, lol. But if enough people complain about this making references to things like using a ford car and having to use ford Petrol, and the deliberate cheapness of printers versus the cost of the ink, then we might be all able to use compatibles, or CISS systems without voiding the warranties of the damned things!
Which in our situation is quite important, as we can use a LOT of ink!!!!

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