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Thursday, May 30, 2013

My samples for todays shows.

Well the next show is on at 4pm, hopefully we will see more of the samples that the team at Kraftyhands have produced, so heres my samples, lets see if we can spot them!

I know I have spotted 4 of mine, have you?

The next show is at 4pm,



Wednesday, May 29, 2013

hmmn! I missed one!

Well I have no idea how I missed this bunch!
Okay The CD is being launched on C&C on Thursday at 12 noon, by the Boys from Kraftyhands, BUT you can pre-order your copy right now, by heading over to the Webshop

So here's what I didnt post!
Dont know how I missed them, as there's enough of them, and one is missing from the photos, it was having surgery at the time!

And here's where Mike stole my thunder unknowingly. When I caught a sneak peek a few weeks ago, at Krafty Towers, I wanted to do a Handbag. Mike wasnt in the office, but Ian was, and I know they didnt know what I had immediately thought of. But Mike put them on the CD so there was little point in me going along and producing another version, so this is where I got creative instead.
There are actually 8 of them, like I said one was having surgery at the time, having its beauty spots put on. And it wasnt anywhere near dry!
Using different sized papers in your printer, and using the snapshot tool in adobe allow you to get creative with the sizes. So dont be afraid to try it out!
Basically I used the snapshot on the handbag only and printed it onto A3, then did the full page on A3 (the one thats missing), then the handbag only on A4, then the full page on A4 and so on, all the way down to the full page on 4x6inch photo paper.
Each has been decorated differently, and each of my teamies has had a different take on these to me, so its time to get creative with those handbags, as I dont think one of us has duplicated a handbag by anyone else. We have each had different views on these, mine are curved tops, others by my Teamies have squared tops, each is decorated differently, and its amazing, given that there is supposedly a limited amount you can do with these, that we havent duplicated!
I did say supposedly, as bear in mind I actually did 9 handbags, one is on the front of the book! Admittedly I was starting to run out of ideas, but like I said, we havent duplicated, even with me doing 9 of them! So the only limit is YOUR imagination, and if you need inspiration, you can always find it on the Kraftyhands Blog, and webshop gallery.



Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer of '59 Seven,

Hmmn, number 7 whats it to be?.......................................

This one I think, but before the photo, recognition where its due:
FG thank you for the idea about the Skirt!

Apparently, there always used to be a lace trim around the base of these skirts, Which I wouldn't have known about if FG hadnt told me, so thanks, FG.
For some reason I was asked to do this version of the Rocker card from the CD  dont know why I didnt do the Red one, but I'm not complaining!
So I got to play with Pink.
Everything is on the CD. The topper, the card base, the mat, even the cover for the back is on the CD, Nice job Boys!
All I did was add the frills, and highlight the scallops, both by edging with a darker colour, and by backing with a colour that matches the main image. The lace is from my stash, and the ribbon and buttons from the Kit that goes with the CD. The only little touch I added was to spray the main topper with Crafters Companion Silver sparkle, before mounting the decoupage on.

This is where its from:
Launching on Create & Craft 30th May at 12noon & 4pm

So try to catch the shows next week, and snaffle yourself a CD full to the brim with some lovely ideas!



Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer of '59 Six and Challenge reminder

You know what in the box, it doesnt look as though there is that much, but there must be as I am showing different ones each day!
But before I begin, just a quick reminder about the current challenge over at Kraftyhands Challenge blog, Flower Frenzy, and if you use Kraftyhands artwork then you stand to win £20 worth of PHYSICAL crafty goodness of your choice!
Here's todays offering:
Warning photo heavy, sorry!
 Okay lets see how the layout goes............
Front cover and base cardstock: Cream Pearlised card, wrapped with Ribbon from the guys at Kraftyhands. Little handbag from the CD printed onto 4x6" photo card, as is the front image.
The letters and flowers are made with Paper Clay by Martha Stewart.

First page, sentiment from one of the sheets, some scraps of paper, saying Memories, as this is intended as a gift. The chair is a design by Silhouette online, and I covered the seat with a Scrap of purple dotted ribbon from the boys at Kraftyhands. Some little pearl drops to finish the chair, Main image is one of the card backgrounds, as is the backing paper on the facing page, and under the image. Then I added a little card with one of the unshaped images, from the CD, using the same ribbon, and pearl dots. The Main image forms a pocket on each page. The pink bow is again Ribbon from the Boys, and the little shoes are embellishments from my stash.

Next page, please note each time I have taken the theme  from the main image on each page.
Again scraps from my stash for the mats, dotty paper from the CD to match the frame around the image and one of the Ladies Walking papers. The Yacht is from Silhouette online, and again a small card with one of the images from the unshaped card toppers set. The Button at the bottom, is another of the Kraftyhands boys embellishments designed for the CD.

This one is using one of the Ladies Walking papers, one of the Beach Hut papers, again one of the images from the card set. Some scraps from my stash for the mats, and the car is another Silhouette online store file.
This is lovely, I love this chandelier! Unfortunately I cant remember where this file came from, oopsie!
But again dotty papers from the CD to match the frame on the image.
Another Silhouette file for the palm trees, good job I have a subscription! Beach Hut papers, and some scraps from my stash.

Last page
A lovely dressing table, again from Silhouette, Dotty papers and some scraps. Both buttons came from the Embellishment kit for the CD, as did the ribbon, but you'll have to figure out where the other button and ribbon are, 'coz I aint tellin'!
I know this seems quite plain inside, but the intention is for the recipient to fill it with notes and keepsakes themselves, no good me shoving loads of stuff in, when it might not suit the person on the receiving end! I have just provided a starting point.

This is where the majority of it has come from:

Launching on Create & Craft 30th May at 12noon & 4pm

so I hope you'll get your copy while the goings good.........



Thursday, May 23, 2013

Imagination Crafts and an entry I havent submitted.

Over at Imagination Crafts Blog, home of the Sparkle Medium, and some fabulous stencils, they are having a DT Call.
I have been keeping an eye on their blog, as I was sure there would be a call at some point, and finally after months of waiting my patience was rewarded by a notice of the call.
I have sent one in to the DT Call, but I don't like to blog stuff that is in the process, so to speak, or blog things that are made as gifts, or samples before they are purchased, as I don't think its fair to the recipient.
So I know Imagination Crafts has some Physical samples, I sent in a while ago, and no I don't have photo's and I wont blog them as they were made for Imagination Crafts, not me, but I do have another piece I haven't submitted as part of the DT process, which I am going to show.
I must admit, deciding between the two was very hard, which one to submit? This one lost out, purely because of the amount of cut files I used, the other one was very focused on the product. But I think that this one is probably my favourite.

This is actually one of my favourite stencils. I love Damask. There's something about Damask which really appeals to me, don't know why, but I have a lot of Damask cut files, and embossing folders, and they are the ones I use most often, though people don't often spot them. And this is actually my granddaughters favourite, but there was no way I was letting a sticky fingered 7 month old get her her mitts on it!
So what I used:
Centura Pearl Card stock for the base card.
Craftwell A4 embossing Folder,
The Crafters Workshop Damask Stencil TCW195S
Matt white card stock,
Bright Red Sparkle Medium
Centura Pearl card stock for the cut files
White Silky Crush Ribbon.
Firstly, Sparkle Medium takes a while to dry, so that had to be the first bit, resisting the impulse to stick my finger in and test whether it was dry............. It doesn't take that long to dry, but I wasn't risking it!
So stencil on the matt card using the palette knife to get a nice even coverage of the Bright Red Sparkle
Then I moved on to the cut files I wanted to use, as I had already visualised the finished card.
So out came the Zingster, and MTC and a mixture of the free files from MTC adjusted to do what I wanted to do with them. This is actually a combination of 4 of the files. 5 layers on the heart, and a double layer on the rings which are attached to the knot on the ribbon. The cut pieces were then embossed using the same folder as the base card stock, before being layered up using a mixture of foam pads and Silicon Glue.
So then I sat and fiddled for a bit!
For the inside, I stencilled with Versa-mark through the stencil, and dusted with Platinum Mica powder, but unfortunately  either it glares when I photo it, or it vanishes, so the photo's are useless for the insert!
However by this time the main image had dried, and I hadn't put my finger in it, even better! So I simply pierced the edge with my Tim Holtz piercing ruler, and mounted it to the front of the card base.
Add the cut and layered Hearts and rings, punch holes for the Ribbon, which is Siliconed on the ends so they maintain the twist, and the card is done.

So Fingers firmly crossed, I'll know in a couple of weeks,


Summer of '59 Five

Okay, so where have we got too?
This one I think..............not the worlds best photo, and not helped by the fact that the Tag is printed onto Pearlised card. But it'll look good on TV!

This is Plain, basically This was the other half of the ladies with the Black Handbags, as this was intended originally as their card base, sorry Ian and Mike!
So the tag was printed on the Sheet of A3 that I used as the base for the black handbag card, and it matches perfectly with the design underneath which was printed on A4.
Printing on different papers does give very different effects. Both images are printed onto white card, but the tag is pearlised and paler, than the base which is vibrant pink, and not pearlised.
Now again, I didnt actually do much to the image, just the different sizes and papers. Mount the Tag on some foam pads,  added a sliver of ribbon left over from the Black handbag card, and added 3 gold pva pearls to the bottom Right corner.
Again a simple card, you dont have to do much to the actual images at all, its all about how you put the cards together, all I and my Teamies can do, is provide you with ideas on what you can do with them!
Here's where its from:
Launching on Create & Craft 30th May at 12noon & 4pm

Hope you can catch the shows,



Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer of '59 Four

Okay, this time its a card, one of the sets from the Cd Summer of '59 which will be Launching on Create & Craft 30th May at 12noon & 4pm. I was working with the red sets, so here's one of my takes on the Ladies who lunch.

This is A4 with a bowed Acetate front, embellished with some Handbag Borders I designed in MTC and are available via the MTC Gallery of @6000 free cut files.
I like to play with size, so bigger smaller, what ever takes my fancy is what is made.
Now the base image/cardbase, is printed on A3, and the Ladies themselves were printed on A4 photo paper, from the set, I think this gives better proportion for me and the card I designed.
I decided on a handbag border, to take the theme  from the woman in Red, and other than different sizing, and the border and acetate this is how the card kit makes up.
The border has been cut from 350gsn plain black cardstock, and I used the Zingster to also draw the definition on the bags. Added some tiny gold Cosminc Shimmer pearlescent pva dots to match the gold colour of the pillars, some Ribbon that the boys sent to go with the kit. Add the sentiment, mount Acetate on either side, and the mount to the front of the card, layering it on the same black card as the handbags.
Striking is the result!
I think this has to be one of my faves, along with the clock, as I like that one too, and both have been really simple to make.
Here's where its from:
So I hope you can tune in and watch the shows.



Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer of '59 Three

Okay, I promise this ones a card!
This was on of my set pieces. We each got assigned a colour to work with this time, and my colour was RED.
But of course as I said in the first post for this CD, I wanted to bring back some of the cards that seem to have fallen from favour lately.
 I used to work in the Centre of London, and there used to be an old fashioned Tea-room facing Piccadilly Circus. Its been there for years but as I havent been up to Town for years, I dont know if its still there. But it was all marble and Chandeliers, which is what this image reminded me of as soon as I saw it, so for me these two ladies are passing as they enter and leave the tea room.
So a Diorama card for my set pyramid design.
I used the Sweet treat papers from the CD, and added a cut out frame in co-ordinating papers.
I glazed the cakes on the front, and added some ribbon, and again, a simple easy, effective card.
Here's the CD info:
Launching on Create & Craft 30th May at 12noon & 4pm


Well what do I say about this?

I like Diane, from MCS, but am in mixed feelings with regard to the demo of the Quad Easel cards she has just shown.
I'm pleased that she actually got it right, and didnt use stoppers.
But surely recognition where recognition is due? They have my details, email and phone, it would have been nice to know they had used or were using the design. I have had this idea hijacked, I know that there are at least 2 others claiming to have invented this card style, but the first reference I can find to this design was an email I sent into C&C a couple of years ago. 5 days after I sent the picture in it suddenly appeared on You-tube...........................here in the UK.
I did send this idea to MCS, in one of the open sample sessions they had on C&C, where the Platinum club members designed cards, and also sent in the unmade samples, for assembly live on C&C, Nancy Watt did my Quad Easel, so I cant complain, but a heads up would have been nice!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer of '59 Two

Here's the second of my samples for the Boys at Krafthands Kreations.
The artwork will be Launching on Create & Craft 30th May at 12noon & 4pm.

 Okay, not exactly a card!
This is one of the pyramid layers, blown up to A4 size by using the snapshot tool, and then mounting it onto a clock face.
The numbers were made using Martha Stewarts paper Clay, and the Alphabet mould, I lined the edges with a Spectrum Noir TB 9 pen, to provide definition of the edge, and added some glitter to the birds, shoes and hand bag.
And thats it!
Simple to do, pretty and functional!
Do try to catch the shows, the artwork is stunning!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer of '59

I'm too young to remember 1959!
But when the Boys let me have a sneak Peek of the artwork I fell in love with it!
Now I think you can see why.
I think the boys just keep going from strength to strength with their CD's.
Here's where its from

and will be on your screens on Create & Craft on 30th May at 12 noon and 4pm.

So this card was one of the pyramid cards. Not one of my set ones, which I dont fiddle with too much, but one of my free-style ones.
I wanted to use different shapes this time, some we forget over time, until reminded, so here's your reminder!
Base cream Card stock, scored at 5, 10, 20 and 25 cms.
Backing paper from one of the Women walking sets, to match the colour of the dress. Some gorgeous strips of pearlised Cream wire embossed card stock from Anna Marie Designs, wrapped with Bakers twine, and placed on top of the backing paper.
A design from the MTC gallery cut files, cut onto one of the dotty backing papers printed onto card stock. 
Then the pyramid design was placed on top. 
The bunting is from the CD as well, and I chose the green as a contrast to the blue, and picking up the colour of the palm trees.
Last but not least was the sentiment............On the last CD, A Man About Town, the boys included as many variations of male sentiments as they could come up with, and they have done the same this time but female relative versions.
So I printed them off in the co-ordinating green, and then mounted it to the front.
And job done.
I do like this CD even if Ian did steal my thunder and include handbags!
There'll be more coming over the next few days, both from myself, and my fellow Teamies, so keep your eyes open, there's some stunning sneak Peeks coming your way!



last playtime!

Cor I did do a lot that one day didnt I?

right last but not least is another from Kraftyhands!

This again is made using the Man About Town Stepper Card Kit, and the man About Town postcards.

The base card is the stepper from the kit, and this was a very simple card, so added the envelope and postcard from the kit. Add the sentiment that Ian and Mike have colour co-ordinated for you and job done!

Right, no I havent sat here every day writing these posts!
These have all been scheduled, I just did one day after another, as I know I have been a bad blogger recently.
By the time you read this, I should have my head thoroughly immersed in the new CD from Kraftyhands, Its GORGEOUS, as I had a sneak peek a few weeks ago, when I went to drop off the hat box.
I know it went in the post yesterday, Tuesday 8th May, see told you I was being organised for once, and I have certain things already planned, just waiting for the artwork to arrive!
The good news is that all the DT at Kraftyhands are allowed to post sneak peeks as we make, so do keep your eyes open for members of the Team giving you a heads-up as to what is coming!

Right I'm off to watch for the postie!!!!




Saturday, May 18, 2013

playtime 11

okay, now this one, one of 2 cards! There will be a follow up with the actual card base!

Again a Silhouette online store purchase.
This time though I had the card base predone! Its the remnant from another card or border or backing, I cant remember, just that I found it in the card stock, where I put use-able, as in big sized so I can make a card or topper from it stash!

I do believe that its a Spellbinders edgeability die but cant remember which.

The waste from the design was mounted onto some Gloss red card, one of those special buys, and I think it came from Poundcraft, who do all sorts of interesting cut offs, and remnants! That in turn was then mounted to some white cardstock, then onto the red base.
I mounted some white gloss paper to the inside, and stamped in Brilliance Rocket red using one of the stamps from Aly's stamp club packs.
Some White Cosmic Shimmer pearlised glue dots to accentuate the edge, and jobs a gud 'un!



Friday, May 17, 2013

playtime 10

only 2 more to go!

so this one:

Another card made from chopping up one of the Man About Town stepper card kits by Kraftyhands! Oopsie!
This is the one piece back section, mounted to Kraft Card base card stock, the Topper was mounted using a Papermania large spring, so it has dimension and movement, and the sentiment is from the matching sheet.

see my posts are getting shorter!




Thursday, May 16, 2013

playtime 9

Did quite a few didnt I on the enforced play day? lol

next up

Another from the Silhouette online store.

Yes there were just sitting on the desktop waiting to be played with!

So white base card, Persimion Radiant Rain to colour the card stock. a piece from the Oval Tattered lace 3 in 1 die, a stamped sentiment from a freebie set with a craft magazine, lots of gems, and some Gold pearlised paper to back the cut out.
Oh and it was embossed before sticking it all together, with a floral Darice folder, dont ask me which one, I go by pattern, not names, lol



Wednesday, May 15, 2013

playtime 8

another of the enforced playtime cards

This is from the Stepper card kits for Man About Town by Kraftyhands, which you can get here.

Again, topper base card, and sentiment from the kit, but this time I added some Kraft card, and two of the layers from the Tattered Lace 3 in 1 circle die. The lugs are wrapped around the Kraft Card, and then the thin pierced circle has been added just to draw the eye in more to the fab topper.

simple, and quick, yet fab!



Tuesday, May 14, 2013

playtime 7

next offering form pc frustrations:

This is another of Aly's monthly stamp club kits.

A bit different to Alys, lol

Everything you see except for the inks and silver pearls came from the kit. All I did was distress the background card which was pre-embossed. Distress the topper having stamped it with Vintage Photo, and glazed it with Clear embossing powder, and stamp the old map onto the background of the Topper. Just to tie it to the mirri I added some silver Cosmic Shimmer pearlised glue dots.
I must say that this set of stamps is fab! I love the old fashioned map, and the statue of liberty in the kit, and I love the Font Aly has chosen, Nice one Aly!



Monday, May 13, 2013

playtime 6

Okay more from the enforced play day!

This one I think is as Ian and Mike intended, finally, sorry guys, lol.

A stepper from the Stepper Kit, with matching topper and sentiment. All I did was add some Gold pearlised card, and round the corners off. Oh and I punched some tiny circles with my very small hole punch, and used them where I would have normally used gems!

So you can grab the kit at the Kraftyhands Kreations store,

have fun



Sunday, May 12, 2013

playtime 5

Dont even ask why these are called playtime, see playtime 1 for the reason why!

right another of the cards from playtime, or PC failure!:

This is using Three of the layers from the tattered Lace 3 in 1 circle die.
And those layers were the starting point for this card. See I did actually mean it when I said I start a card with what ever bit grabs my interest!
So I cut the die out on some Gold pearlised paper. I needed a small circle for the centre, so that the Lugs could hold it in place. and then I needed another circle to mount the additional 2 layers, and the centre. Now PC was out of use, so I routed out my Martha Stewart Circle cutter, one of those with ball bearings, and you put the knife in and spin it round?
I dont normally use it, as you need the card/paper to be at least 6x6 to stop it sliding, and I can never quite position it over the centre of a given circle that I want to cut out. But as my Zingster was out of commission, due to PC issues, I had to resort to old style!
So Centura Pearl out, cut, and them stamp the sentiment in the smallest circle, with Brilliance Gold ink, and some Antique Gold embossing powder.
Then run both circles through the E-bosser in the A4 Darice Argyle folder.
Then simply centralise and stack the circles.
Next up was the card base, a 5.5x5.5 pre made base, and some pearlised patterned paper from my stash, a piece of Chocolate Brown /gold ribbon form Fantastic Ribbons, and 3 gems.

So have you spotted the 3rd layer yet?

It is there I promise!

Oh look! Right on the edge of the big circle?




Saturday, May 11, 2013

playtime 4

more of the creations from the disaster day!

this time its back to cut files:

On that day I did actually have the papers and base on my desk, having cut them the previous day, phew!
So 2 cards for the price of 1. One is the Card as bought from Silhouette Online store, and one is using the waste!
So the Top one is the base design, cut into the cardstock,  and then backed with some gold Pearlised paper. In the holes and on the dots I used some Cosmic Shimmer Berry Red Pearl Glue, added a strip of brightly coloured ribbon with threads of Gold in it, and job done.
The waste I carefully mounted it onto some matt Gold mirri. Then onto some White, then onto some Centura pearl card base. At the top I added a Gold organza ribbon, threaded through a tag which had come in one of Aly's card kits, that I hadnt used. And a quick sentiment stamped with Gold Brilliance ink, and clear embossing powder.

You know what?
I prefer the waste!




Friday, May 10, 2013

Playtime 3

The continuing saga!
See playtime 1  for why I suddenly got all creative!

Now Aly over at Alysinkyfingers runs a monthly Stamp club. Every month I get an envelope through the post with stamps, card bits and design sheets in it.
Now I will admit, that there were 3 kits sitting there unopened, oops, sorry Aly, however I did get them out and play during the PC saga.
Everything except the ink, colouring, and glitter and glaze came in the kit, I think it was intended as a mothers Day card, but my Mum died a few years ago, and unfortunately her Birthday, Mothers Day and Anniversary always seems to land during Lent. So no Flowers, no cards are allowed in the Graveyard at that time.
So not having anyone I could send the card to I set the kit to one side.
Well as you can see I finally got it out and used it.
I used Spun Sugar distress ink, and Spectrum Noir pens for the colours, and its more or less as Aly designed it.



Thursday, May 09, 2013

playtime 2

Right continuing the show of creativity while the PC was out of action, don't get me started on it again, see playtime 1 for details, gggrrrr

So next up is some Krafty Hands stuff.
This is using one of the Stepper cards, yes I did say stepper card! And one of the very pretty little postcards and envelopes. Bear in mind I had no access to the PC, so was making with what ever came to hand!

So some of Anna Marie Designs Kraft Card, for the base. I seem to recall that I cut it so its a 5 3/4 inch square card base.
Chop the front off the stepper card, sorry Ian! and use DST to hold the pre-cut bits together. then mount directly onto the card base using Collal all purpose glue, I do like the glue, it seems to cement things together and makes it stronger.
Next trying to match the tones, and theme, eg Eiffel Tower on the postcard, and French on the stepper front, I stuck the little Kraft envelope to the front, and the Postcard is just sitting inside, so it can be taken out and written on. Add one of the sentiments from the stepper kit sheet, and 3 gold gems, and its done and dusted as they say!



Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I found some cards I made!

This is photo heavy sorry, but I found some cards I made a while ago, so here they are, they are all CD or kit crafted.:

 And the shadow boxes are my own design!