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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Well what do I say about this?

I like Diane, from MCS, but am in mixed feelings with regard to the demo of the Quad Easel cards she has just shown.
I'm pleased that she actually got it right, and didnt use stoppers.
But surely recognition where recognition is due? They have my details, email and phone, it would have been nice to know they had used or were using the design. I have had this idea hijacked, I know that there are at least 2 others claiming to have invented this card style, but the first reference I can find to this design was an email I sent into C&C a couple of years ago. 5 days after I sent the picture in it suddenly appeared on You-tube...........................here in the UK.
I did send this idea to MCS, in one of the open sample sessions they had on C&C, where the Platinum club members designed cards, and also sent in the unmade samples, for assembly live on C&C, Nancy Watt did my Quad Easel, so I cant complain, but a heads up would have been nice!

1 comment:

Linda Simpson said...

Oh dear Lou, not again! I missed the show as don't watch as often as I used to.

Linda xxx