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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

hmmn! I missed one!

Well I have no idea how I missed this bunch!
Okay The CD is being launched on C&C on Thursday at 12 noon, by the Boys from Kraftyhands, BUT you can pre-order your copy right now, by heading over to the Webshop

So here's what I didnt post!
Dont know how I missed them, as there's enough of them, and one is missing from the photos, it was having surgery at the time!

And here's where Mike stole my thunder unknowingly. When I caught a sneak peek a few weeks ago, at Krafty Towers, I wanted to do a Handbag. Mike wasnt in the office, but Ian was, and I know they didnt know what I had immediately thought of. But Mike put them on the CD so there was little point in me going along and producing another version, so this is where I got creative instead.
There are actually 8 of them, like I said one was having surgery at the time, having its beauty spots put on. And it wasnt anywhere near dry!
Using different sized papers in your printer, and using the snapshot tool in adobe allow you to get creative with the sizes. So dont be afraid to try it out!
Basically I used the snapshot on the handbag only and printed it onto A3, then did the full page on A3 (the one thats missing), then the handbag only on A4, then the full page on A4 and so on, all the way down to the full page on 4x6inch photo paper.
Each has been decorated differently, and each of my teamies has had a different take on these to me, so its time to get creative with those handbags, as I dont think one of us has duplicated a handbag by anyone else. We have each had different views on these, mine are curved tops, others by my Teamies have squared tops, each is decorated differently, and its amazing, given that there is supposedly a limited amount you can do with these, that we havent duplicated!
I did say supposedly, as bear in mind I actually did 9 handbags, one is on the front of the book! Admittedly I was starting to run out of ideas, but like I said, we havent duplicated, even with me doing 9 of them! So the only limit is YOUR imagination, and if you need inspiration, you can always find it on the Kraftyhands Blog, and webshop gallery.



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Linda Simpson said...

Fabulous handbags Lou and a great idea in producing 9 of them :)

Linda xxx