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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Sports T-shirts

Okay I am a couple of days late for the launch, but now that the big posts from all my teamies have been done, maybe you would like to see some of what I have been upto?
I have been a bit snowed with DT stuff, and making for my craft stall, so some things I cant show yet, I am waiting for things to appear on screens to post, and I f you know me then you know I dont tend to show stuff that someone is buying so.

Now I dont know why it says Nephew inside my Card on screen, coz I wanted a reasonably feminine one, so dont ask me why its changed, I dont recall doing it, lol
But basically the walk through for this gatefold shirt is on the British Craft Network on the Boys Sports T-shirts programs, currently, so no point in me going over it now, lol

1 comment:

Daniele said...

great card, love how the shirt opens up
hugs x