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Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Craft Studi, Crafting.co.uk Warning

Word of warning to any and all customers of My Craft Studio, Crafting.co.uk:
 Make sure you chase your order up as soon as possible! I placed an order for in stock items on the 12th March, and paid for it. I even had to do most of it via the phone as it had been a while since I ordered, so they even had the opportunity to tell me that items were out of stock in person at the time of ordering. Nothing was said at all about items being out of stock. So sit here waiting for the items hubby was buying me for my birthday to arrive, until the 24th of this month. 24th I phoned up to be told that due to staff sickness and large volumes of orders that my order would be picked and packed that day or the next. Today, 26th, phoned up, and was asked what I had been told on monday (Huh? you dont know what you said? And yes it was the same person, and the same person who had helped me reset my password for the site) so repeated the conversation back to her, and was then informed that 2 of the items were out of stock, and would be another 2 weeks until they are back in stock again, but would send the other 2 parts to the order out now, and would I like a refund on the out of stock items?
So in other words, they had taken my money 2 weeks ago, and shoved me to the back of the queue, giving the items I had ordered to other customers AFTER I had paid for them!
Its taken me some time to go back to MCS and re-order items from them, once this last part of the order has arrived, well I wont be ordering again, and I suspect that this comment will mean I am black listed if I do ever decide to order again from them, and wouldn't be surprised if they dont refund my whole order immediately!

Fortunately I posted this on FB yesterday, and there are now at least 4 others that I am aware of that have had EXACTLY the same happen to them, so its not just an isolated incident, so if you are waiting on an order then phone up and check that its complete and on its way.
Also they eventually posted on fb that due to the delays they are offering a 10% discount as an apology, but they haven't offered it to any of their affected customers via email, let alone informed customers about any delays to their orders!

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