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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sad status update will stay at the top until I find a solution please scroll for new pics

Okay Sad status update: Its all gone wrong since January.
Many of you know I have a genetic condition, EDS. Many of you know that I struggle with this condition, and its many and varied effects, eg: Dislocation of Vocal chords, Tearing of the Hyaline cartilage between the ribs causing my ribs to be in 6 seperate pieces, etc.
Well unfortunatly this next manifestation of my EDS means that I am no longer able to spend more than 30 mins per day looking at any type of web page. My EDs has now affected my sight, the muscles adjusting my vision are not responding after 30 mins, and the difference between wearing glasses and not wearing Glasses at this point is negligable. This affects my ability to drive, read, watch tv, everything especially being Shortsighted!
So having had confirmation from the GP that the steps we tried are not working I am having to withdraw from a lot of online activities.
No Games, No blogs, no competitions, limited access to forums and groups.
I have to preserve my vision for things like emails, and shopping. And go back to relying on hubby being able to drive most of the time as I dont trust my eyesight. Or until the kids pass their Driving Tests and can come with me, and swap over if my eyesight goes.
Until some smarty pants out there comes up with a working soloution to my various EDS manifestations (Pretty Please God, I wouldn't mind if someone came up with something!!)
I am still going to craft, but all you will recieve from me now are pictures, no details on how I did it, sorry but I cant affford to loose the little response I have left in my vision. I try to keep up by my mobile, easier as its not so white based, which is the area of concern, so will keep in touch via FB, but all else has to go, xxx


applejack cards by sue said...

I'm sending very gentle hugs to you, I am so sorry you are going through this. Perhaps an idea... I have a blind friend who has a special program on his computer that he can use without looking at the screen so maybe days you can speak without pain you could use that type of program and save your sight for other things. He has his own website for his hobby... which is wood turning on a huge lathe.

Sylvia said...

Hi Lou, sorry to hear that things are quite difficult for you at this time. Like you say hopefully someone will come up with something which will make things better for you and other sufferers before too long.All your friends at Kraftyhands are thinking of you and wishing you well.
Sylvia x

Shoshi said...

Very sorry to hear what you are going through, Lou. I know a couple of people with EDS but have never heard of the severe manifestations you are currently suffering. I do hope something will turn up to ease your situation soon. I can't imagine how frustrating you must find all this, and being unable to be creative and do all the things you want.

Hugs and prayers,
Shoshi x