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Friday, July 05, 2013

Response to Black Listing comments

I would like to thank all who have left comments, all have been published, except for spam.
Unfortunately I have been tied up with my sons move to secondary School, then getting my grandson to bed, then refereeing in an argument between my elder son and daughter, and have only now got time to respond to the comments made.

Mo, at no point did I refer to any one company in this post. I have not identified the company that duped me, and I have not identified anyone who has allowed this information to filter through, or identified ANY companies considering this move.
Yes I linked to Lexies blog, there is a lot going on at the moment in blog land with regard to illegal distribution of intellectual property, not just by yourself, but by others as well. It is important to get the RIGHT information out, educate not intimidate.
I have NO issue about rules for DT's, personally I have ALWAYS informed any prospective DT of my other DT commitments, as I completely understand the individual requirements, being a sample maker myself.
I do, however, have issues with regard to possible blacklisting. That is the content of my post.
I do also have issues with theft of intellectual property. It has happened to me in the past.
The fact of the matter is that companies have made money from my intellectual property, they have used it as a selling point for their product.
Many companies in the UK are feeling the pinch, and not only here, but worldwide. Many have discovered that people aren't willing or able to finance their craft to the extent that they did, and some companies are being immoral in their dealings with other companies and clients.
So its not just customers who are being immoral but companies as well.

Kathleen I have no argument about a team owner being allowed to choose their own Design Team, as stated above I respect the decisions and understand the reason as I make samples. With your statement of "Having read the comments above they are all pretty much in the same vein of, 'I will do what I want, I will colour whatever images I want and no one can tell me who I can or cant design for."" it seems clear that you have misread what these people have said. What they have said is that they disagree with the idea of a Blacklist. That they have images legally obtained either as bought or free at the time, that they wish to use as they design a card. Not that they are using or going to use them illegally. But that now they are unsure wether to use them, do they in anyway want to be associated with anyone who has been considering the move to blacklisting?

The whole aim of the post was to raise awareness that some people are/ were considering this move. From the amount of readers to the post, I suspect that the message has got out.
Just to clarify I have a couple of other points which have cropped up, which anyone can feel free to address or not.
A Black list blocks people while allowing others, a White list allows people while Blocking others, Boycotting blocks people while allowing others. In effect they are all the same thing.
What happens to a company who signs up to one of these lists or groups, then ends up taking on some one that they feel can do a good job for them? Does the company then get blacklisted/whitelisted/Boycotted for doing what is right for THEIR Business?
If you create a list then you have to inform people who have been omitted from or added to the list. If you fail to have a full and frank, impartial conversation with someone on or off the list, then you have left yourself wide open to prosecution/litigation for Deformation of Character, worth thinking about isnt it?

I must admit, I am somewhat stunned to find comments on here from people I did NOT expect to ever see or hear about this post. Whilst people I DID expect to hear from have kept fingers off the keyboard.



Bee and Dee said...

I really agree with what you said on this post and the previous one. I suspect I am black listed as I am on the wrong DT team. But as I don't plan to apply to any other DT teams than the ones I belong too it does not effect me but it certainly affects others including your self. I think it's awful that people do things like this to each other, I am really sadden about the bullying, physical threats and defamation of people's character. Thank you for being so honest. Bee

Linda Simpson said...

A fabulous and eloquent response Lou!

A lot of food for thought.

Linda xxx

Chris said...

Thank you for bringing all of this to our attention. Chris xx

Shirley-Anne Barber said...

hello Lou .WOW
What ever happened to craft being fun .What ever happened to
" do unto others "
I know that is being simplistic but heck ! GEE WHIZ Lou sending you a huge hug .