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Monday, March 25, 2013

A Hint......

Hi guys I have been really quiet havent I?

well here's a hint of why I have been so quiet..........................

".............................Optional software:

Svg viewer: These can be now be viewed without opening the files using a plug-in program: SVG Viewer gnu. Available here  as a free application, which makes life a lot easier for those who have lots of svgs! Once installed you will be able to see the svgs on your computer as actual images, instead of a blank piece of paper. Change the view for the folders to medium icons to see the images.

What is this “Make the Cut” program?
Make the Cut is a software program which currently allows you to cut with all these machines :
Works with all Klic-N-Kut™ models
Works with the Pazzles Inspiration™
Works with BossKut Gazelle™
Works with Black Cat Cougar/Lynx™ series
Works with USCutter™ MH/LaserPoint series
Works with CraftWell's eCraft™
Works with Silhouette SD™ and Cameo™ including Print and Cut!
Supports HPGL machines with printer support (Craft ROBO™, Wishblade™, etc)

Although it is a software program you pay separately for its worth considering if you are upgrading to a new or different machine. It is able to use almost all of the current file systems even if it wasn’t in a format designed for that specific machine, example: You had a Craft Robo and now you have upgraded to an E-craft and want to cut your favourite Graphtec GSD file on the E-craft ( The E-craft uses SVG files and other than using Make the Cut, you wont be able to cut a GSD file without first converting it to an SVG).
The only files it cannot convert are the .studio files, .crw files for the E-craft, and Provocraft's own files systems.
You can take a picture (.jpeg or .pdf), and you will be able to import the picture into MTC and convert it to a file it will cut with.

Using Make the Cut expands the library of available images you can work with, and worth is considering as there are a multitude of free cutting files available via the internet. In addition you can run two or more different machines and access all file formats, and cut from one base software program instead of having to switch from one program to the other, so you CAN cut your GSD file from your A4 Craft Robo on the E-craft at 12x12” without phaffing around having to convert it!

In practice those who are familiar with the Silhouette studio, and Craft Robo programs will find it very similar, while those who have the E-craft will find that there is a lot more that they can do and expand the use of their machine.
Make the Cut can be downloaded as a free trial, here. This does not commit you to buying the program. It will allow you to play and import files, however if you try to cut using the unregistered version it will cut a big X across your design. It is intended to let you try before you buy, so you have an idea of what to expect.
If you wish to go ahead and purchase the program please use this link

Please remember that files of any type are the intellectual property of the person that created them. Breach of Copyright is not fair to the creator who spent their time and imagination creating the files for you to work with."

mmmn intriquing!




1 comment:

Linda Simpson said...

Hi Lou, great information and I am sure this will help a lot of people. One suggestion is that you make your font darker and bigger as I found it hard to read.

Linda xxx