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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

okay lets see if I can get this in order?

Hmmn, this could be interesting! And warning this is very heavy on photos!!

Basically, steps are being taken in the slow process of converting this box bedroom, (No Darling Daughter you are not moving back in!) into a craft room!
So in the beginning we had..........................
This: Taken about this time last year.

 Then we added this:

then the white cabinet joined in.

 Then Dads cabinet added:

which meant the table shifted over to the other side.

and shelves between the two.

and this happened in the old built in wardrobe.

and the pc squeezed into place.

 Now we have this:

Loads of storage from Weston Boxes.

an added shelf in Dad's unit.Sorry secret stuff on the desk!

and the start of the transformation. White cupboard is underneath, Cameo on the work surface behind the Ottlite, and the lovely Linda Simpsons gift to me last year, of a paint fusioned paint brush box!

E-craft next to it, and storage underneath. The shelves have now moved to the top of the worksurface.

Even had to bring in a bar stool to sit on!

And finally the walk in wardrobe thingy! You know the bit over the stairs!

And all this is still a work in progress!! As the shelves are being built for under the work surface as I type, and the whole thing needs a coat of paint, room as well as the wood!
And this isnt the end of the house transformation!
Outside there is scaffolding, been there for 3 weeks, but instead of a Dingy Grey pebble dash, we now have a fully insulated home, thats a lovely white!
The loft is being emptied tomorrow, so the craft room will be full of boxes, and the new loft insulation goes down on Thursday! And the new roof? Well Shouldn't be long! as I cant see them paying out again for the scaffolding!
And just incase you are wondering my house is a Pre-fab. its been here for 60 yrs, 10yrs past its sell by date, and was 2 slabs of concrete and pebbles and wire in the sandwich, no cavity walls, so it was Blooming cold and Damp! Not anymore! 6" of polystyrene all the way round! And BOY is it warm!! 
On the card front I am busy but its secret stuff, sorry!
I will post when I get time!!




JoZart said...

Wow! you'll be having a cosy crafty Winter. Bet you can't wait for your craft room to be finished and it's looking like it will be quite a transformation.
Jo x
not linked yet

Linda said...

Oooooh I can't wait to come and play again!!!! I will just wear my summer top instead of a woolly pully.
Wonder what the secret stuff is your hiding, wink wink ;)

Linda xxx

Lexie said...

Yep...Lou's worse than me for hoarding stash! Lol.

When you think those pre-fabs were only supposed to last a short time, many of them are still going strong, aren't they? Glad you'll be nice and warm this winter.